MemSQL Partner Logos
MemSQL Partner Logos

World’s Fastest Database?
Time to Prove It.

We tested MemSQL across 3 TPC benchmarks for analytics & transactions.

The Database Built for the Data-Driven World
Effortlessly ingest, process, analyze, and transact on all of your data in a single database – on-premises or in the cloud
Maximum Performance for Demanding Applications

Maximum Performance for Demanding Applications

MemSQL’s ultra-fast ingest and query engine delivers industry-best performance for apps and analytics
Familiar SQL & Relational DBMS at Big Data Scale

Familiar SQL & Relational DBMS at Big Data Scale

Our unique distributed architecture gives you massive scale and concurrency with the structure of relational data and ANSI SQL
One Database for Every Workload and Any Infrastructure

One Database for Every Workload and Any Infrastructure

Run transactional and analytical workloads with ease across public clouds, containers, and commodity hardware

MemSQL: An Ideal Solution for Data-Driven Businesses

  • Financial Services
  • Media and Communications
  • High Tech
  • Industrial IoT
  • Public Sector
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Real-Time Decision Making

MemSQL enables sub-second refresh of dashboards with real-time data for improved accuracy of positions to drive portfolio growth, automated or informed credit decisioning, risk and fraud analysis, and more...

Enhanced features

Fast interactive query response through scale out and compilation

Broad tool support through industry-standard SQL and connectivity APIs

Runs on industry-standard hardware in the cloud or on-premises

Portfolio dashboard identifies risks and opportunities for thousands of customers in real-time

Compatible with Legacy and Modern Tools

Bare Metal
Bare Metal

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Gartner’s Take on Industry Trends

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