The Real-Time Data Warehouse
You Can Run Anywhere

MemSQL is a real-time data warehouse for cloud and on-premises that delivers immediate insights across live and historical data

streaming data

Fast Data Ingest and Analysis

Deliver record-breaking analytic performance on streaming and historical data with a single integrated data platform

scale out

Scalable SQL

Easily analyze up to petabytes of data using ANSI SQL while supporting expanding user concurrency on scale-out industry-standard hardware

run anywhere

Run Anywhere

Experience complete deployment flexibility with hybrid cloud and multicloud models across our managed service, public cloud, or on-premises configurations

Customer Improvements


ETL Processing

MemSQL reduced Kellogg’s 24 hr ETL process to 43 minutes.

"Every business user is requesting speed and the ability to move at an incredibly iterative pace, we need to be able to provide that and in-memory allows us to do so."

JR Cahill
Principal Architect


Per Day

Pinterest filters millions of pins by geolocation to find insights.

"We use MemSQL to power our real-time analytics experiment dashboard, which manages hundreds of experiments every day."

Yu Yang
Software Engineer


Upserts Per Second

Akamai needs to quickly retrieve data across multiple systems.

"MemSQL as a core technology in our IT infrastructure allows us to ingest granular data more rapidly with higher scalability and efficiency."

Mike DePrizio
Senior Architect

Optimized Use Cases

Integrate With The Modern Data Ecosystem

Leverage the MySQL wire protocol or JDBC/ODBC interface to integrate with existing middleware or technology investments


Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform

Deploy on bare metal, virtual machines, and container services for test or development


Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Teradata, SAP, and more

MemSQL Pipelines, Apache Kafka, Amazon S3, HDFS, Apache Spark


ANSI SQL, JSON, Geospatial

BI Tool
Tableau, Looker, Zoomdata, and Microstrategy

Recognized by Analysts

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics

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