MemSQL is built for Financial Services

Financial markets move quickly. Access to real-time data gives banks, asset managers, analysts and advisers a leg up. Leading banks and trading firms leverage MemSQL to ingest, query, and serve data to thousands of simultaneous users.

Portfolio Dashboards

Sub-second refresh of dashboards with real-time data, including multiple tables and charts

High-net-worth investors have large portfolios with hundreds to thousands of positions. The performance of MemSQL allows sub-second refresh of a dashboard with real-time data, including multiple tables and charts, even for large portfolios.

This provides first-class service for these clients. This in turn drives up their satisfaction, improves customer retention and facilitates portfolio growth. And that yields improved profits and growth for MemSQL customers.


Low Latency Queries

Interactive query response time through scale out and compilation


Scalable User Concurrency

Scale-out for growing user concurrency with industry-standard hardware


Drop-in Compatibility

Broad tool support through industry-standard SQL and connectivity APIs

Customer Benefits

Fast Reliable Dashboards

Uninhibited portfolio exploration due to near-instant screen refresh on fast changing data

Simplified Scalability

Linear scalability with no code changes to address changing workloads and user access

Real-Time Visibility

Eliminated ETL processing for real-time insight on the latest data positions and transactions

“We went from a cycle of data refreshing that essentially went around the clock to just an hour or two at night. Now we can actually scale as we bring on new clients.”

Robert Stepeck, CTO Novus Partners

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Portfolio Analytics

Investigate investment alternatives seamlessly without troublesome pauses

Portfolio managers work with hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, bond management institutions, or investment banks. They manage up to tens of thousands of positions. Their satisfaction with their analytical applications rises as its response time drops to sub-second.

Analytics applications built on MemSQL allow them to investigate investment alternatives seamlessly without troublesome pauses. This allows them to make better investment decisions, giving a return on investment to their institutions that easily justifies the purchase of MemSQL.


Fast SQL

Vectorized and compiled query performance deliver reliable sub-second response


Scale-out Architecture

Deliver performance as user concurrency grows on industry-standard hardware


Stream Ingestion

Discover insights on fast changing data with real-time ingestion

Customer Benefits

Real-Time Dashboards

Sub-second interactive response allows more thorough analysis to discover and act without delays

Sophisticated Analytics

Run more analytical scenarios per day across fresh and historical data to uncover new opportunities

Fresh Accurate Insights

Real-time data provides SQL access to the most accurate customer view

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Risk Analysis

Use high-speed joins of position risk, index and fund composition, and risk factors to calculate overall risk in real time

Increased regulations after the financial crisis, including the Dodd-Frank Act and Basel III, as well as self-interested vigilance against excessive risk, have caused major financial institutions to carefully study and track their risk profile.

Institutions want to track risk measures for their own portfolios, trading departments, funds they offer, and individual client portfolios, in real time. Customers have built MemSQL solutions to track portfolio risk using high speed joins of position risk, index and fund composition, and risk factors.


Accurate Risk Calculations

Real-time data ingestion with SQL access ensures calculations are performed on latest events


Scalable SQL

Risk calculations performed in-database with SQL instead of hard-to-maintain application code


Interoperable Architecture

Drop-in compatibility using standard SQL, hardware, and interfaces provides seamless integration

Customer Benefits

Real-Time Pattern Recognition

Run pattern recognition queries on fast changing data to minimize compliance risk

Millisecond Query Response

Perform complex analysis with low latency queries for continuous identification of compliance exposure

On-Demand Risk Analysis

Perform on-demand risk analysis without impacting operational database systems for cost effective reporting

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Fraud Prevention

Identify outliers where loan officers and applicants match on characteristics like location or last name

In this era of global finance, vigilance against fraud is more important than ever. Our customers have successfully used MemSQL to build anti-fraud applications.

For example, in lending, extreme measures are required to prevent fraud where a loan officer authorizes credit to a friend or relative who is not a qualified borrower. MemSQL enables this application with fast distributed parallel SQL query capability and spatial data management.


Real-Time Threat Detection

Apply sophisticated threat detection queries on live data to identify threats in real time


Fast SQL

Fast parallel query processing with vectorization and compilation delivers sub-second response


Scalable Analytics

Fraud prevention logic runs in the database as standard SQL, reducing development time

Customer Benefits

Insider Threat Detection

Screen every potential loan interactively to detect and score possible insider fraud

Compliance Optimization

Prevent damaging publicity, fines, and loan defaults with real-time analytics

Improved Customer Experience

Approve loan transactions on fresh accurate data to provide a superior customer experience

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