High Technology Solutions

Technology companies need to know the pulse of their customers and operations to respond when it matters most. MemSQL is the real-time data warehouse for high technology companies who want to be proactive with personalized customer engagement, live operational analysis, and real-time optimization.

Why MemSQL For High Technology?

MemSQL simultaneously ingests, stores and analyzes data to deliver up-to-the-second insights for real-time optimization, user segmentation, and personalization

Streaming Data Ingest and Store

Collect and store multiple streams of data into relational format, without relying on slow batch processing.

Fast Query Response

Discover new customer segments, overlaps or propensity to buy events as they happen using historical and real-time sources with standard SQL.

Proven Compatibility

ANSI SQL compliant with full data persistence improves data accuracy that also works with existing business intelligence and middleware tools.

Unlimited Scale

Shared nothing architecture for scale out and up using standard hardware. Deploy on-premises, as-a-service or a hybrid of both.

Dan McCaffrey, VP Analytics at Teespring

“Capturing real-time business insights is an ongoing process, but the positive effects have already been felt, demonstrated by our ability to personalize and target our website and marketing efforts.”

Example Applications

Real-Time Optimization
Deliver a proactive more personalized ad targeting service with real-time segmentation, attribution, and conversion.
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Customer Segmentation
Deliver tighter targeting with overlap analysis using converged real-time data and historical analysis in a single SQL accessible database.
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A/B Testing
Deliver the next best offer or experience to customers with real-time experiments and analysis.
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