Security at MemSQL

Security at MemSQL

At MemSQL we understand that we want to protect your data and the data of those we care about. From development to delivery we ensure that security is considered, designed, reviewed and implemented to ensure the data of our customers, and their customers, is looked after as if it was our own.

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We are striving to put security at the heart of all we do and have aligned our business with the requirements of ISO 27001 and SOC 2. We have an active Privacy Shield certification in place.

Database Security

We have built security into all our products, both those hosted by customers on their own infrastructure and those we host on our customers’ behalf. Encryption, authentication, access and monitoring are all things we worry about for you, so you can focus on the data and the value it can add. Learn how to implement these features. View Docs

Access Authentication

MemSQL empowers the user to select a secure method of authentication that suits their enterprise.


Data encryption is supported at time of ingest and when delivered across nodes using SSL and TLS 1.2. Easy to integrate third party encryption for data at rest.

Audit Logging

Configurable database logging writes all activities to a secure external location to support information security tasks such as tracking user access, investigating suspicious activities and validating access control policies.

Enterprise Grade

MemSQL provides enterprise grade security features to ensure your systems, your users & your data is adequately protected.

Only Available on MemSQL Helios

Workload Isolation

Ensuring clusters are isolated fromeach other and guaranteeing both confidentiality and integrity of your data.


End to end encryption both for data in transit and data at rest.


Ensure only devices you trust and have given access to, can access your cluster or your data.


We advocate transparency so have included below policies and documentation relevant to the security posture of MemSQL and its products.

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