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The proliferation of digital media and communications creates opportunities for personalization, improved customer experience, and closed loop reporting. MemSQL ingests and analyzes data from millions of devices and users in real time, making it the ideal database for digital media platforms.

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Optimized for the following use cases

Advertising Analytics

Advertising Analytics

In today's data driven world advertisers need to know their performance to respond to anomalies in real-time. Live streaming content and always connected devices drive media companies to continuously monitor customer engagement and behavior that is affected by ads.
Customers have built MemSQL solutions to serve fast scalable analytics with fine grain query control for deeper insights to optimize and manage thousands of concurrent advertisers.

Customer Benefits

Real-Time Monitoring

Build real-time dashboards with fast responsive drill down to monitor every customer action

Integrate with BI Tools

Seamlessly integrate with existing data integration and business intelligence technologies


Securely isolate data across different customers while maintaining superior performance

Technical Benefits

Sophisticated SQL

Easily build sophisticated queries with ANSI SQL and integrate with custom applications with robust connectivity APIs

Scale to Thousands of End Users

Reliably scale sophisticated analytics to thousands of end users on a highly available operational platform

Single Database System

Simplify complex data architectures by storing and querying live and historical data in a single database system


How Pandora uses Advertising Analytics

Pandora provides real-time analytics for determining effectiveness of campaigns by collecting and analyzing advertising data from user interactions and demographics to determine which ads are most effective.

Real-Time Campaign Analysis

Collect user interactions in real-time to study campaign effectiveness for partner advertisers.

Ad Hoc Analytics

Improve performance of ad hoc analytics on raw data to enable deeper analysis of user interactions.

Single Integrated System

Store historical and live data for long term analysis in a single integrated system.

Media Monitoring and Diagnostics

Media Monitoring and Diagnostics

Video streaming requires excellent service delivery to meet customer expectations and remain competitive. Video delivery requires continuous monitoring and maintenance to respond to problems before customers notice. This requires media delivery companies to have real-time diagnostics on the quality of the video stream and the ability to analyze the telemetry to quickly identify and predict problems.
Customers use MemSQL to track real time analytics on video stream data for operational insights on user behavior and media performance. The data enables proactive service response to customers and reduce operational costs.

Customer Benefits

Identify and fix issues in real-time

Enable real-time monitoring response systems and dashboards to identify and fix media delivery issues in real time

Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Drive operational efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining superior customer experience

Avoid delivery problems

Leverage historical and live data to build predictive algorithms to proactively act and avoid media delivery problems

Technical Benefits

Single Platform

Support real-time data ingestion while delivering live SQL query simultaneously with a single integrated platform

Industry Standard Hardware

Deliver scalable analytics with distributed architecture on industry standard hardware

Operational 24/7

Highly available platform delivers reliable performance for 24/7 operations


How Comcast uses Video Stream Diagnostics

Comcast uses MemSQL to track real time analytics on video player data including frame rate change, buffers, and other media delivery metrics.

Video Metrics

The Comcast media network generates data such as frame rate change, buffering, and other video playback metrics.

Real-Time Insights

MemSQL and provides real-time SQL access for the business intelligence and engineering teams

“We’re now able to aggregate statistics across the entire US as well as glue on to complex streams for complex analysis. We like to say we gave the gift [of MemSQL] to a lot of groups at Comcast.”
Christopher Lintz, Senior Principal Architect at Comcast


Content personalization can improve customer interactions and ultimately drive revenue if the material is accurate and available at the point of engagement. Delivering personalized content at scale can create a series of challenges for legacy data architectures where accuracy and analytics must work together.
Customers use MemSQL for delivering personalized ads that improves customer engagement and generates new revenue streams. The MemSQL real-time data warehouse delivers accurate results on financial data along with high throughput performance to meet millions of user interactions.

Customer benefits

Improved Targeting

Drive more revenue with improved customer targeting and engagement

Personalized Content

Improve customer satisfaction with tailored personalized content

Sophisticated Analytics

Accelerate new customer segments and opportunities with sophisticated analytics

Technical benefits

Real-Time Ingest and Query

Support real-time data ingestion while delivering live SQL query simultaneously with a single integrated platform

MySQL Wire Protocol

Interoperate with existing applications and data platforms leveraging the MySQL Wire Protocol and connectivity APIs

Single Integrated Platform

Perform transactions and analytics simultaneously on a single integrated platform


How Tapjoy uses personalization

Tapjoy improved advertising efficiency and performance resulting in better customer engagement and boosted revenue. The fast performance delivered millisecond response for critical analytics with the assurance of accurate transaction processing.

Ad Optimization

Deliver ad optimization with highly targeted content in real-time

Overlap Analysis

Quickly identify users that fall into multiple market segments

Single Integrated System

Perform transactions and analytics in real-time

“Working with MemSQL, we gain an unprecedented advantage in real-time analytics, delivering effective models for our partners to increase engagement rates and boost revenue.”
David Abercrombie, principal data analytics engineer