Effortlessly set up streaming ingest feeds from Apache Kafka, Amazon S3, and HDFS using a single CREATE PIPELINE command



Pull data directly from Apache Kafka, Amazon S3, Azure Blob, or HDFS with no additional middleware required



Map and enrich data with user defined or Apache Spark transformations for real-time scoring, cleaning and de-duplication



Guarantee message delivery and eliminate duplicate or incomplete stream data for accurate reporting and analysis

Optimized for Streaming

Rapid Parallel Loading

Rapid Parallel Loading

Load multiple data feeds into a single database using scalable parallel ingestion


Live De-Duplication

Eliminate duplicate records at the time of ingestion for real-time data cleansing

Simplified Architecture

Simplified Architecture

Reduce or eliminate costly middleware tools and processing with direct ingest from message brokers

Custom Connectivity

Build Your Own

Add custom connectivity using an extensible plug-in framework

Exactly-once Semantics

Exactly Once Semantics

Ensure accurate delivery of every message for reporting and analysis of enterprise critical data

Build-in Management

Built-in Management

Connect, add transformations and monitor performance using intuitive web UI

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Integrated Architecture

pipelines architecture

Efficiently load data into database tables using parallel ingestion from individual Apache Kafka or Amazon S3 brokers

See Pipelines in Action


Watch the video above to see how to build data pipelines with MemSQL.
Read our CREATE PIPELINE documentation to learn more.

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