Tapjoy: Moving to MemSQL

Lesia Myroshnichenko
Lesia Myroshnichenko

Sean Kelly, Staff Engineer at Tapjoy, has published an engineering blog post about the Tapjoy migration of a large high velocity ACID data set to MemSQL:

Tapjoy wanted a horizontally scalable, ACID compliant, MySQL-compatible database and MemSQL turned out to be the right solution for the problem.

“MemSQL had everything we wanted, and after an initial pilot, we confirmed it would meet our stated requirements. But the proof is in the pudding. We set out to build a cluster, shadow-write data to it, and put it through a battery of tests to make sure it would hold up to our use cases,” – Sean Kelly, Tapjoy

The following charts illustrate the test results Tapjoy saw when evaluating MemSQL. Performance numbers for the previous database solution are averaged under existing cluster load. The MemSQL cluster Tapjoy tested on was put under 20x read/write stress test load while running latency tests, to ensure future scalability. Also, MemSQL results were taken using 2x more historical data – the lifetime was a full month instead of 2 weeks with the legacy system.

Sum a Financial Data Point for a Single Partner


Sum a Financial Data Point for the Entire Platform for a Month of Time


Distinct List of All Customers Who Did Business Recently


As indicated by load test results, MemSQL met all of Tapjoy requirements and turned out to be a clear winner in the head-to-head load tests.

Read the full post about Tapjoy moving to MemSQL on their engineering blog:

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