Helios by MemSQL

Experience the best-in-class speed, capability, and reliability of MemSQL, available instantly and on-demand in the cloud.

A Fully-Managed, On-Demand, & Elastic Cloud Database

MemSQL Helios delivers instant, effortless access to the world’s fastest, most scalable data platform for operational analytics, machine learning and AI. Get MemSQL’s best-in-class speed, scale, and capability without the headaches of installing, configuring, and maintaining software. Helios is available in public cloud environments around the world.
Effortless Deployment & Elastic Scale
Get the full capabilities of MemSQL with one-click deployment and easy cloud scalability
Superior TCO vs. Legacy & CSPs
Dramatically cheaper to buy & operate than either legacy data platforms or public cloud databases
Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Flexibility
Avoid cloud lock-in with a database available across public cloud providers and on-premise environments
MemSQL Helios delivers all of the features of MemSQL’s operational database in the cloud.
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Simplified Architecture

Bringing Simplicity & Ease to Your Data Architecture

MemSQL is the ideal all-in-one database for operational analytics and AI/ML-powered applications that requires fast data ingest, high performance queries and elastic scaling with familiar relational SQL.
Ecosystem Architecture Diagram

Effortless Deployment & SCALE

Create & Manage Clusters with Point-and-Click Ease

Studio Video
Easy Deployment
Create clusters instantly with a click
Monitor Cluster Health
Use visual tools to see emerging trends
Optimize & Tune Queries
Maximize performance with a powerful editor

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  • Free 8-hour trial
  • Fully managed and resilient MemSQL database
  • Automated provisioning, configuration, and elastic scaling
  • Available on AWS and Google Cloud
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