MemSQL Developer Training

From installation, schema design, query optimization, and troubleshooting, our developer training course is the best preparation for building high-performance, operational data warehouses and real-time, in-memory database applications.

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For a fantastic learning experience, we highly recommend in-person, instructor-led training at our headquarters in San Francisco for two days.

At your office

Can't make it to San Francisco? We can happily visit your office location to deliver MemSQL Developer Training for two days.

Virtual Training

We also offer instructor-led virtual training. We can schedule a series of virtual training sessions that span three or four days to meet the needs of global teams.

Go to the next level with training!

This two-day course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the steps necessary to install, design, operate, maintain, and monitor a high availability cluster with MemSQL and MemSQL Ops, our built-in management tool.. Ideal for groups of up to 12 people, our in-person training includes live demonstrations, hands-on labs, and ready-to-use AWS environments.

Hands-On Learning

Through instructor-led discussion and interactive labs, students will master MemSQL key concepts, terminology and topics such as:

  • MemSQL real-time, in-memory distributed architecture
  • Installing MemSQL aggregator and leaf nodes
  • Schema design and query optimization
  • Operating MemSQL with MemSQL Ops
  • Best practices for deploying and monitoring MemSQL high availability clusters
  • Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and tuning

Audience and Prerequisites

Designed to serve the learning goals of application developers, database developers, database administrators, and operation engineers, MemSQL Developer Training requires previous experience with Linux, relational database systems, and SQL.


MemSQL Developer Certification provides employers, partners, and customers with tangible evidence of your skills and expertise. Certification validates your expertise and helps establish your leadership credentials. Participants of this training achieve certification with course completion.

Course Modules

Our developer training course consists of six learning modules and includes instructor demonstrations and hands-on labs.

Module 1: MemSQL Architecture




Shard Keys

Distributed Joins

Reference Tables

Module 2: Installation and Upgrade

Designing a Cluster

Manual installation

Expanding a Cluster


Securing MemSQL

Module 3: Schema Design and Optimization


Geospatial data

Index types

Analyze, Explain, and Plancache

Schema and query optimization

Module 4: MemSQL Architecture

Installing MemSQL Ops

MemSQL commands

Tips and tricks

Module 5: MemSQL Ops

High Availability cluster

Logging, monitoring and diagnosis

Cluster replication

Backup and restore

Failover and recovery

Offline upgrading with MemSQL Ops

Module 6: Troubleshooting MemSQL

Failure scenarios

MemSQL Support

Next Steps

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