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No night-time batches. No silos.
No needles in haystacks.

Data is growing fast. Real-time data grows even faster. With concurrent processing and analysis of all your historical and real-time data, MemSQL enables businesses to react to opportunities as quickly as the light hits them. Stop waiting for tomorrow. Today is the day that we start getting answers in real-time.

MemSQL changes the way you think about your data. Not where you store it, but how you use it.

in memory database

read/write in real-time

By storing data in memory, MemSQL can concurrently read and write data on a distributed system, leveraging as many cores as necessary to achieve extremely fast access to billions of records in milliseconds—no matter what device, sensor or source.

real-time analytics

view/analyze in real-time

MemSQL enables the industry's most powerful dashboards with real-time answers to changing data. Anything that can be expressed in SQL statements becomes available as quickly as data is captured.

fastest database

react/respond in real-time

The only database that can run fast analytical queries while loading streaming data, MemSQL unlocks revenue opportunities, personalization, and automation without batch processing or delays.

distributed database

grow/scale in real-time

By horizontally scaling on commodity hardware, MemSQL is easy to set-up, maintain and scale either on premises or in the cloud—reducing both your up-front and long-term maintenance costs.