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MemSQL is a high performance data warehouse designed for the cloud and on-premises that delivers ultra fast insights of your live and historical data

fastest database

Fast Data Ingest

in-memory database

Analyze Live and Historical Data

Real-Time Application Ready

Customer Improvements


Faster Analytics

"Every business user is requesting speed and the ability to move at an incredibly iterative pace, we need to be able to provide that and in-memory allows us to do so."

JR Cahill
Principal Architect


Per Day

"We use MemSQL to power our real-time analytics experiment dashboard, which manages hundreds of experiments every day."

Yu Yang
Software Engineer


Upserts Per Second

"MemSQL as a core technology in our IT infrastructure allows us to ingest granular data more rapidly with higher scalability and efficiency."

Mike DePrizio
Senior Architect

Scale Out

Scale Easily

Shared nothing architecture on industry standard hardware delivers limitless concurrency for user and data growth.

Distribute Instantly

As you scale out your system, MemSQL distributes the processing load equally as to not increase average query times.

Optimized Use Cases

  • Internet of Things

    Ingest, store and analyze millions of events per second to monitor and predict critical machine events. Learn More

    Highlighted Features

    Simultaneous lock-free read and write queries fastest insights

    ANSI SQL for sophisticated queries

    Up to 10x Data compression for Big Data storage

    Watch a simulation of real-time monitoring of wind farms involving processing and analyzing data from 2M sensors on 197K wind turbines installed around the world.

  • Customer 360

    Improve loyalty and engagement by analyzing all customer data to deliver personalized experiences in real-time. Learn More

    Highlighted Features

    Distributed SQL for user concurrency

    JDBC/OBDC connectivity for CRM interoperability

    ANSI SQL for predictive

    See how Pinterest uses MemSQL with Apach Spark and Kafka to track and analyze streaming event data.

  • More

Ecosystem Compatibility


Cloud, On-Premises, As-a-Service
Freely deploy on-premises, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and beyond.

Containers and VMs
Deploy on virtualization and container services like Docker, Mesosphere, VMware, Kubernetes


Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Teradata, SAP, and more.

MemSQL Pipelines, Apache Kafka, Amazon S3, HDFS, Apache Spark


ANSI SQL, JSON, Geospatial

Business Intelligence
Tableau, Looker, Zoomdata, and Microstrategy

Recognized by Analysts

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics

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