The World's Fastest In-Memory Database Just Got a Lot Bigger.

Announcing MemSQL v3.0 – One Database for Real-Time & Historical Data.

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The Database for Speed, Scale & Simplicity.

Now combining the world's fastest in-memory row store with a new highly compressed column store, MemSQL enables companies to capture, store, and query hundreds of terabytes of data in real-time.

Businesses use MemSQL for applications where existing database technology underperforms or lacks flexibility, and for new applications where only the fastest and most versatile database platform will do.

  • Energize Your Data Warehouse – Speed Up Slow Reports.
  • Accelerate Applications and Power Real-Time Operational Analytics.
  • Flexible Scale-Out on Commodity Hardware to Maximize Performance and ROI.

MemSQL v3.0 in Action.

Learn how MemSQL helped CPXi eliminate ETL and streamline their real-time bidding infrastructure.

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