An Introduction to MemSQL

Our Interconnected and Interactive World

It's no secret that we're living in a data-driven world. Our appetite for, and consumption of, data continues to increase with no end in sight. Deriving value from data, particularly in real-time, has become a critical business advantage. At MemSQL, we began with the simple idea that every company should be capable of becoming a real-time enterprise and we set out to build the world's fastest database to enable that vision.

Moving Beyond Yesterday's Technology

For many companies, the technology of the past still runs today's data streams. In particular, businesses keep separate databases and data warehouses, leading to complex ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes and lengthy transfer times between data stores. Most systems still rely on slower disk drives, whereas today's information consumption and distribution operates at the speed of memory.

Business are bombarded by incoming data to store, and demanding analytic queries to answer. Inevitably, companies must choose between fast and correct, between easy and global, between saving data or serving data.

A Real-Time Database for Transactions and Analytics

At MemSQL, we believe the only way to truly succeed is to remove the compromises of the past. By delivering an in-memory, distributed database, we allow customers to capture and query high-value and high-velocity data with ease. MemSQL enables immediate analysis of every transaction, unprecedented performance, and the ability to deploy and scale easily in your own data center or in the cloud.

Answers to a Changing World

With immediate visibility up to the last transaction, MemSQL brings your data into the light of day. Businesses can now run analytics concurrently on a changing data set, offering a world without compromise and without limits.

MemSQL. Answers to a changing world.

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