Streaming. Transactions. Analytics. All in one system.

MemSQL is a high-performance, in-memory database that combines
the horizontal scalability of distributed systems with the familiarity of SQL.

The Real-Time Database for Streaming, Transactions, and Analytics

MemSQL combines real-time streaming, database, and data warehouse workloads for sub-second processing and reporting in a single, scalable, easy-to-manage database.

Fast Answers with Real-Time Data

MemSQL can ingest streams, process transactions, and perform analytics simultaneously in a single database, enabling businesses to analyze changing datasets. With immediate access to both real-time and historical data, MemSQL opens new opportunities for revenue and improved customer experiences.


MemSQL leverages a distributed computing model that makes it easy to set up, maintain, and scale. Reduce both upfront and long-term maintenance costs with scale out on commodity hardware from your data center to the cloud.


Choose from on-premises or cloud deployments that align with your existing infrastructure. With the freedom to choose, you can horizontally scale on commodity hardware without a large up-front investment in your data center or in the cloud.


By converging transaction and analytic processing, MemSQL eliminates unnecessary data transfer and ETL. Instead of serving stale data in an offline data warehouse, MemSQL gives you access to fresh data that is accurate to the last transaction.

Real-time Analytics at Pinterest

Find out how Pinterest runs SQL queries on real-time events by ingesting data into MemSQL using Spark Streaming.


Quickly Build Real-Time Pipelines

MemSQL Pipelines natively ingests real-time data from external sources like Apache Kafka. Pipelines extracts, transforms, and loads external data directly into the MemSQL database. Pipelines includes CREATE PIPELINE to quickly incorporate new live streams, exactly-once semantics for Apache Kafka, user-defined transformations, and rapid, parallel loading.

A Beautiful Way to Manage Your Database

MemSQL Ops is the command center for provisioning and administering MemSQL clusters. Configuring and managing a distributed system has never been easier.

Learn more about MemSQL Ops

Versatile, Multi-Model Database Management System

MemSQL features an in-memory row store and a disk-based column store in a single database, achieving extremely low latency execution while allowing for data growth.

  • Multiple Data Models, including SQL, Key-value, Document/JSON and Geospatial
  • Online Schema Changes
  • Data Retention

Easy Integration with Existing Applications

SQL is ubiquitous for analytics, facilitating widespread MemSQL adoption in enterprises. MemSQL also uses the MySQL wire protocol, allowing businesses to use familiar connectors and development tools.

MemSQL Streamliner enables high-throughput, bidirectional data exchange between MemSQL and Spark. MemSQL Loader easily imports data from sources like HDFS or Amazon S3.

Enterprise Security for Real-Time Analytics

MemSQL has a comprehensive security model that includes SSL encryption across MemSQL nodes and applications in a cluster, support for third party encryption, and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for its distributed database platform. RBAC provides enterprises a flexible way to set security measures by user role and group—all while maintaining maximum performance.