All Editions Include

ANSI SQL Support
Multi-Statement Transactions
Compiled Queries
Fully-distributed JOINs
Full Durability to Disk
In-Memory Tables
Compressed On-Disk Tables
Massively Parallel Execution
Lock Free Data Structures
Geospatial Support
JSON Support
Cluster Management

Enterprise Features for Critical Deployments

Email and Phone Support 24x7 support by phone and email for all enterprise edition customers.
High Availability MemSQL holds a redundant copy of data to protect against data loss. The cluster engages every server CPU ensuring no idle resources.
Online Backup and Restore Take consistent backups of a running database without downtime.
Online Replication In the middle of a continuous write workload, MemSQL can start replication on a slave without having to configure or pause the master.
Cross Data Center Replication Synchronize one cluster with another over a broad network connection.
Granular User Permissions Define specific access privileges for any database user. Use Role-Based Access Control to manage users and groups at scale.
Network Encryption SSL encryption across MemSQL nodes and applications in a cluster.