Real-Time Analytics
at Your Service

MemSQL Cloud is a fully managed database platform-as-a-service for real-time analytics. Get to market faster and deliver scalable analytics ahead of the competition with sub-second high volume data ingestion while simultaneously running fast analytic queries using standard SQL.


Fast Data Ingest

Use MemSQL Pipelines to ingest millions of events per second with exactly-once semantics for greater accuracy. Integrate with Amazon S3, Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis and other data sources.

Real-Time Analytics

Process transactions and perform analytics simultaneously in a single database, enabling analysis of changing datasets. Instantly access both real-time and historical data for more accurate decisions in real-time.

Managed Service

Fully managed service delivers rapid provisioning, monitoring, backups, updates and more for improved availability. Enterprise data security includes encryption, network access control, and interoperability with existing security frameworks.