What kind of ways are there? bulk delete

I used a column store table.
I checked the performance of MEMSQL’s outstanding bulk loading through the ‘NFS’ pipeline.
So when we do this in a production environment, we do this in bulk DELETE.

Oracle is partitioned and ‘DROP’
There are no logs left, so can perform a quick deletion.

What do I do with MEMSQL?

Deletes are normally very fast. You can also try TRUNCATE TABLE or DROP TABLE and then CREATE it again if the delete perf is unsatisfactory.

Typically people pleasantly surprised with the performance of DELETE.


When performing bulk deletions,
Oracle performs drop by partitioning the table as a date. Quick bulk delete is possible because no logs are left.

For memsql,
The table specifies the date as ‘Columstore Index Key’.
When I perform a deletion by setting a range of dates in the Where section,

Is it fast because it is deleted as a unit by ‘sorted-Row-Segment-Group’?

We need to explain how fast it is by the mechanism.