MemSQL Development

Use this category to discuss features and functionality when developing against MemSQL.

Cluster Operations

Use this category to discuss questions or feedback you have on how to perform management operations on your cluster.


New product releases, major documentation updates, and other announcements will be posted here.

MemSQL Studio

Use this category to discuss using our newest cluster monitoring and debugging tool, MemSQL Studio.

Doc feedback

Have a suggestion for how we can improve our technical documentation? Were you searching for something and couldn’t find it? Use this category to ask those questions and submit doc requests.

MemSQL Management Tools

This category is for discussing first-party cluster management tools. Ask questions about the tools in the memsql-toolbox package (memsql-toolbox-config, memsql-deploy, memsql-admin, and memsql-report) or MemSQL Ops.

3rd-Party Integrations

This category is for discussing third-party tools and frameworks that work with MemSQL.

Feature Requests

Hey, if you have ideas about what we should build next, let us know! This is the place to post ideas and vote for your favorites.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.