What is the best way to query MemSQL


Hi All,

Am new to MemSQL, i would like to know the best way to query MemSQL database like MySql Workbench or SQL Developr, Toad etc…

Kindly suggest.


Hello and welcome to the MemSQL Community,

The recommended tool for querying MemSQL would be MemSQL Studio. You can read more about Studio and how to install it in our documentation:

Other tools targeted at MySQL, such as Mysql Workbench or Sequel Pro, should also work fairly well when connected to MemSQL.

Of course, the mysql-client CLI will also work.


Thanks for the quick reply, i will try Mysql Workbench and will post if i face any difficulty


The benefit of using MemSQL Studio compared to other tools is that you will have graphical query plans with lots of detailed information. Otherwise anything that speaks MySQL wire protocol works.


How is it mysql monitoring tools ? I want to try it, too.


@viktorcheberachko it’s very unlikely that something like that will work. I recommend using MemSQL Studio to monitor your MemSQL cluster.