Secondary cluster's HA(sync,async)

I configured Disaster Recovery with the command below.
The primary cluster is set to high availability(sync).

REPLICATE DATABASE fdc with sync DURABILITY FROM root:“memsql”@;

I have a question on the output below.

I understood that the primary cluster consists of HA(sync), but the secondary cluster consists of HA(async). according to the content of the documents below

/// in this document ////
When you use the REPLICATE DATABASE command, you can only replicate asynchronously.

Async Slave in the Role field shown on the output confused me.

If I misunderstood, was the secondary cluster replicated as HA(sync)?

The replication from one cluster to another is always asynchronous.

The SYNC DURABILITY referred to in REPLICATE DATABASE is independent of that.

Be sure that the durability setting of the source and target database for replication is the same.

The SYNC DURABILITY flag on REPLICATE DATABASE is optional because otherwise the target will inherit the setting from the source DB.

Do you mean the sync durability is about snapshot and log ?