How do I install version 6.7 without Internet access?


How do I install MemSQL 6.7 for free on a host(redhat7) without inernet ?


Edit: We have published a full offline installation guide which you can view here:


We are working on a full offline installation guide. For now here is an abbreviated guide:

  1. Download all required software
    You can retrieve the latest versions and associated package paths on our release server at the following urls:
    At the time of this writing, the latest RPM urls were:

  2. Install toolbox on your control host (can be separate from the cluster, or on your Master Aggregator to-be)
    rpm -ivh memsql-toolbox-1.0.2-7e30b698e9.x86_64.rpm

  3. Setup the cluster

    • If you only want to install on this machine:
      memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box --file-path memsql-server-6.7.3-381c9eee8a.x86_64.rpm --license <LICENSE>

    • If you want to install on multiple machines:
      memsql-deploy setup-cluster --file-path memsql-server-6.7.3-381c9eee8a.x86_64.rpm --license <LICENSE> --hosts-file <HOSTS FILE>

For additional information on setting up the cluster refer to our guides here:

The only difference between an online and offline install is manually installing toolbox and specifying --file-path when running commands like setup-cluster.

If you want to setup Studio, just install the rpm on any host and start it normally with sudo systemctl start memsql-studio. Refer to the Studio docs for more information: