Facing issue while Deployment

Hi All,

We are facing below error when deploying memsql after installation.

$ memsql-deploy setup-cluster --license ***** --master-host ****** --memsql-port 3304 --leaf-hosts ****** --memsql-port 3305 --password root --high-availability=false

✓ Registered hosts
Starting rollback
✓ Unregistered hosts
✓ Rollback succeeded
failed to read https://release.memsql.com/production/index/memsqlserver/latest.json: Get https://release.memsql.com/production/index/memsqlserver/latest.json: dial tcp: lookup release.memsql.com on *****:53: server misbehaving

Request an urgent help on above.

Samir the team will answer this shortly. If this is a production issue and you are a paying customer please contact support

Hey Sameer,

Can you run the command with a -vvv flag and paste your output here. As a workaround you could try doing the following:

  1. Download memsql server on the host,
    debian installation:
    wget http://release.memsql.com/production/debian/pool/memsql-server_6.8.13_47a99cbc09_amd64.deb
    redhat installation:
    wget http://release.memsql.com/production/rpm/x86_64/memsql-server-6.8.13-47a99cbc09.x86_64.rpm

  2. Re run the memsql-deploy upgrade command with the --file-path <path-to-memsql-server-download>

If you are unable to download this way, it could possible be that the host is unable to access secure sites.