Error message truncated


I’m getting a very long error message when trying to debug calling a stored procedure with a query type (due to the fact that the full structure of the query & the supplied values are printed). However, the output is truncated in both MemSQL studio and the Memsql client on the server itself, which prevents the full error message from showing up. I can’t find any variables that seem to be related to maximum output length, nor do any of the tables in information_schema seem to be related to logged error messages for this scenario.

Is there a way to increase the maximum error output, or see a full error message?


How many characters of the error message are you getting? Can you paste it in so we can see it?

You could try catching the error in an exception block, then inserting it into a table like message_log(msg text) to see if the truncation behavior is different, though I don’t know if that will help.


It’s a bit of work to clean up an example, but the format of the message is:

Error Code: 1992. Compilation Error in function `DB.FunctionName` near line 16: It is not valid to create a value of type 'query([... a whole bunch of columns and types that may get cut off])' from [something that is always cut off by this point]

The issue is that the full structure of the query object being constructed and being supplied is provided, but the output is truncated. Because this is a compile error, the try/catch trick doesn’t work.

I was able to eventually track down the type error (Datetime(6) for a column I thought was Datetime) but the error message being truncated made that super difficult.


Ah, I see. Unfortunately, there’s no way to increase the size of the error message before it gets truncated. I’ll make a note of this as a feature request.