Data Export and Import from One database to another Database

wanted to understand what is the bes tway of exporting the data from one Database(one cluster) and import into another database (another) cluster.

I see there is mention about mysqldump utilities, is that the only option? I believe this utility will not come with MemSQL installation

Do you mean moving from one MemSQL cluster to another? Or between two different databases?


I am referring the movement from one cluster to another cluster. Say from QA cluster to Dev Cluster
looking for
–> exporting table(s) from source cluster/DB
–> importing table(s) to target Cluster/DB

It really depends on your scenario. In addition to mysqldump, take a look at:




MemSQL Pipelines:

And see this post about backup/restore:

Is it safe to use MYSQLDUMP in production and columnstore ?
When doing select into file - does it save the file in each leaf or on the master ?

select into outfile ... fields terminated by '\t' will save rows (not table schema) to file (TSV or whatever you decide)

mysqldump should save schemas + data for the specific table if you use this syntax: mysqldump -u... -p... mydb t1 > mydb_tables.sql

Keep in mind you would need enough disk on master agg to run these commands. No - it doesn’t save local to each leaf, like any other query it is run and returns all results/saves on the aggregator from which you run the query.