Aggregator and leaf nodes are not getting created in GKE

I am doing MemSQL installation on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Till kubectl create -f deployment.yaml deployment of MemSQL operator there is no problem.
Operator Status: Running

But, When I create MemSQL cluster using kubectl create -f memsql-cluster.yaml there are no new nodes [leaf and aggregator] being created

What’re the possible solutions?

Can you share the contents of your memsql-cluster.yaml file?

Having the same issue with EKS. Here is my cluster yaml:

kind: MemsqlCluster
  name: memsql-cluster
  releaseID: f102919b-6b35-4555-8956-e7a37e58abf4
  redundancyLevel: 1

    count: 1
    height: 0.5
    storageGB: 30
    storageClass: standard

    count: 1
    height: 0.5
    storageGB: 30
    storageClass: standard

I realized initially my k8s cluster did not have a node with 4 vCPUs, min required as specified by the height param. However adding one to the cluster made no difference.

Hi @Ananth

It looks like you have opened an enterprise support ticket to get this question answered. Once we troubleshoot via the support ticket, I will update this thread with the result so future users can reference it.

Check your email for an update in the support ticket soon.

Thank you!

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For posterity wanted to document my resolution for this.
I was following instructions for deployment at

The thing I did wrong was I missed the * prefix for the admin password. The operator logs in my case clearly indicated that this was needed.