Data Security with Extreme Performance for Government Applications

Government and public sector agencies struggle with growing data sets and a demand for faster query performance, often against highly sensitive data. Delivering faster more real-time insights with complete data security on standard SQL can open new opportunities for applications used for defense, health services, and government operations.

Why Government Agencies Use MemSQL

MemSQL is certified by the US Government to uniquely deliver extreme database performance with the highest data protection levels without compromising familiar SQL

Complete Data Security

MemSQL is certified to deliver the highest protection levels for the Intelligence Community based on the ICD-503 standard

10x Faster at 1/3 the Cost

Modernize legacy database solutions like Oracle, Vertica, Netezza, and more with faster more scalable analytics at dramatically less cost

Standard SQL Compatibility

ANSI SQL compliant with full data persistence improves works with existing business intelligence and middleware tools

No-Limits Scalability

Scale-out architecture addresses extreme ingestion and concurrency requirements using standard hardware. Deploy on-premises, in the AWS C2S cloud, or a hybrid of both.

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Terry Rice, founder of Epigen

“Without MemSQL, I can’t do what I do. We want throughput and productivity. With MemSQL, I can use 100 percent of system capacity and a smaller number of machines and have fewer people running that infrastructure.”

Example Applications

Geospatial Analytics
Track, analyze and forecast the location of assets, customers or devices in real-time using built-in Geospatial functions
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Migrating from Oracle
Deliver 10x the performance at 1/3rd the cost without changing familiar SQL or infrastructure skills
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Real-Time Analytics
Continuously monitor and detect anomalies from disparate data events to deliver real-time actions of security threats or operational decisions
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