Public Sector and Government Solutions

Access to real-time data underpins crucial public sector and government functions such as defense, cybersecurity, and transportation infrastructure management. The most accurate and timely decisions come when that information is accessible and queryable in real time.

Why MemSQL For Public Sector and Government Agencies?

MemSQL simultaneously ingests, stores and analyzes data to deliver instant insights for real-time security, defense and transportation applications.

Streaming Data Ingest and Store

Collect and store multiple streams of data in a relational format, without relying on slow batch processing.

Fast Query Response

Quickly ingest network or infrastructure events and instantly analyze against historical data using standard SQL.

Proven Compatibility

ANSI SQL compliant with full data persistence improves data accuracy that also works with existing business intelligence and middleware tools.

Unlimited Scale

Shared nothing architecture for scale out and up using standard hardware. Deploy on-premises, as-a-service or a hybrid of both.

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Robert Stepeck, CTO at Novus Partners

“We went from a cycle of data refreshing that essentially went around the clock to just an hour or two at night. Now we can actually scale as we bring on new clients.”

Example Applications

Location Analytics
Track, analyze and forecast the location of assets, customers or devices in real time using built-in Geospatial functions.
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IoT Analytics
Understand current and future asset allocations using real-time market data with historical models and analytics.
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Monitoring and Detection
Continuously monitor and detect anomalies from disparate data events to deliver real-time actions of security threats or operational decisions .
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