Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Create and operate models at scale across streaming & historical data

Transform your Business with Scalable ML/AI Applications

MemSQL offers an ultra fast ingest and query platform that enables real-time model scoring on both
streaming and historical data.

Machine Learning Architecture

MemSQL Machine Learning Architecture

MemSQL Powers Real-Time Machine Learning

MemSQL offers the ideal architecture for ML and AI applications with the all-in-one database solution that can quickly model and score fast changing data for real-time response to dynamic conditions driven by customers, machines, or 24/7 operations.

Example Applications

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Lightning Fast Real-time Analytics on Large Datasets

Comcast can proactively diagnose potential issues from real-time intelligence and deliver the best possible video experience.
We’re now able to aggregate statistics across the entire US as well as glue on to complex streams for complex analysis. We like to say we gave the gift [of MemSQL] to a lot of groups at Comcast.
— Christopher Lintz, Senior Principal Architect
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