The Dell Platform Architecture team and MemSQL invite you to attend two webinar sessions. In these two sessions, you will hear from MemSQL CEO and Co-Founder, Nikita Shamgunov, Dell Technologies Chief Data Platform Architect, Darryl Smith, and members of the MemSQL engineering team on how Dell is using MemSQL for internal projects: CALM and PINE.

Webinar Sessions:

MemSQL Use at Dell

This session will give a comprehensive overview of MemSQL and its place in the Dell Data Lake architecture. It is intended for those with little or no knowledge of MemSQL as a database for high speed applications, such as PINE and CALM.

MemSQL 6.5 Review and Roadmap

This session is intended for advanced MemSQL users and will include a briefing on the new enhancements delivered in the latest MemSQL 6.5 release.