MemSQL is proud to announce a new product release this spring: MemSQL 7.1, the latest release of our database, featuring improvements to TCO, System-of-Record (SOR) support, SingleStore, programmability, and manageability. Join us for a live webinar to learn more about the latest release of our ultra-fast, enterprise-grade operational database.

Watch now to learn more about the 7.1 release including:

  • Ability to more economically handle hybrid transactional and analytical workloads and pure operational workloads via advances in our SingleStore technology
  • Fast, incremental disaster recovery (DR) failback for improved handling of system-of-record applications
  • Easier system management, with new features such as automatic partition splitting and load-balanced leaf failover
  • Easier programming with new built-in functions, JSON functions, broader SQL coverage, and stored procedure capabilities
  • Multiple performance enhancements


Eric Hanson, Director of Product Management, MemSQL Database