Achieving Successful Operation of AI & ML Driven Applications

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What You'll Learn From This eBook

AI and Machine Learning technologies are hungry for data. Operating on live data can offer the best results but often latency introduced by data infrastructure is a challenge. This ebook helps you understand how to successfully deliver model-driven applications with the speed and scale needed for modern business. By applying models to real-time event streams and historical data, a broader set of signals can be identified and detected for providing improved situational awareness and better business outcomes.
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AI and ML Applications
Learn more about today’s AI and Machine Learning applications.
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Challenges in Delivering Real-Time AI/ML Applications
Explore the key challenges in operationalizing AI/ML applications and learn how to make your data’s intelligence work for you.
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Operationalizing AI/ML Applications with MemSQL
Learn how to transform your business by operationalizing AI/ML applications with MemSQL.
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Customer Reference Architectures
See how our customers are leveraging MemSQL for various AI/ML use cases such as facial recognition, real-time fraud detection, and preventive maintenance.
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Choosing the Right AI/ML Database
Learn how to choose the right database for operationalizing AI-based applications in general and machine learning models in particular.

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Learn how to successfully deliver model-driven applications with the speed and scale needed for modern business.

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