Real-Time Decision Making and the Rise of Operational Analytics

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The need for faster decision making and insight into mission-critical operations are defining a whole new category of real-time, data-driven companies. Data by itself has no value, rather how we leverage the data to make decisions and respond to events is where the value is created. This is where Operational Analytics is born — a key business capability enabled by modern data platforms. This book helps you understand how to leverage operational analytics to enable your business to embrace real-time decisions and ultra-fast, actionable insights.
Key Advantages of the Data-Driven Company
Understand how leaders use minute-to-minute monitoring, real-time logistics, monitoring of large-scale device networks, rapid feedback loops, and more to compete and win.
The Rise of Operational Analytics
Learn how the shift from batch to real-time data processing is changing the requirements for data tools.
Challenges with Data Platform Infrastructure
Explore the challenges with building up a platform to support the data-driven enterprise, and uncover risky shortcuts that could lead to critical design flaws.
Key Features of the Operational Database
See how to scale enormous datasets that support simultaneous ingestion of continuous data and complex queries from thousands of concurrent users.
Use Cases for Operational Analytics
Read how leading players in ecommerce and telecommunications have utilized operational analytics to drive revolutionary business change.
Criteria for Selecting the Right Database
Understand how to select the ideal platform capabilities and deliverables to provide a stable base for current and future data initiatives.

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