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MemSQL powers data innovation for half of the top 10 financial services institutions in North America (and many more around the world). This access provides MemSQL with a unique perspective into the new requirements of, and struggles with, data infrastructure.

Data Innovation Trends for the Digital Bank

New data demands are forcing financial services institutions to modernize their data infrastructure to improve performance, accommodate growth, and support new products and services.

Modernizing the Wealth Management Experience

Delivering premium data experiences requires reliable ingest and query performance under extreme market conditions.

The Limitations of Current Data Infrastructure

New workloads, customer engagement channels, and algorithms are challenging the scalability and performance of legacy data architectures.

Smart Portfolio Management for Reduced Risk

Financial services firms must use advanced analytic techniques to perform continuous pre-trade scenarios that are several steps ahead of an action to assess risk and optimize portfolio performance.

Operational Analytics for Digital Transformation

Only 25% of financial services CIOs are able to harvest benefits from their digital transformation initiatives, even though the initiatives themselves remain a top priority.

Real-Time Fraud Detection

Improving detection accuracy and costs with modern real-time data infrastructure.

About the Authors

Photo of Mike Boyarski - Sr. Director of Product Marketing
Mike Boyarski
Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Mike is Sr. Director of Product Marketing at MemSQL. Mike has extensive experience with modern data infrastructure including database and analytic tools used to power data driven operations and customer experiences for innovative and global brands.

Photo of Floyd Smith - Director, Content Marketing
Floyd Smith
Director, Content Marketing

Floyd is Director, Content Marketing at MemSQL. Floyd is an experienced technology practitioner and marketer whose experience includes tech companies such as Apple, AltaVista, and AOL, and financial leaders such as VISA and HSBC. He has more than a dozen published books to his credit.

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