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Trends in cloud data storage continue to accelerate at a rapid pace. Now more than ever, organizations must evaluate their current and future data storage needs to find solutions that align with business goals. Cloud databases, including MemSQL database software, and the MemSQL Helios elastic cloud database, are relatively new, but already hold a large share of the world's data, and are still growing fast. This report highlights DZone’s original research on cloud databases and contributions from the community.
Cloud DBMSs on the Rise
Two-thirds of developers are now working, or moving toward working, with cloud database management systems at their organization.
SQL vs. NoSQL in the Cloud
About half of developers share that their organizations have migrated both relational SQL databases and NoSQL databases to the cloud.
Self-Managed vs. Managed Hosting vs. Automated vs. Autonomous
Managed hosting and automated databases are making headway as organizations begin to realize the benefits of offloading some of the burden of maintenance.
The Benefits of Cloud DBMSs to the Organization
Developers see increases in elasticity and scalability as well as resilience against data loss.
Challenges for Organizations in Moving to Cloud DBMS
The perception of how great challenges are can differ significantly between developers who currently use a cloud DBMS and those who do not.
Looking Ahead to the Future
About three out of four developers believe that all of their organization's data will be stored in a cloud DBMS within the next few years.

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