Breakthrough analytic performance, extensibility features and real-time ML capabilities

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The latest release encapsulates over one year of extensive development to extend MemSQL as the best database platform for real-time analytics with a focus on real-time data warehouse use cases

Stored Procedures

Build custom functions with procedural SQL and leverage the performance of query compilation and distributed processing.


Query Processing Performance

Accelerate queries up to 80x, with vectorization and single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) for operational and ad hoc queries.


Query Language Enhancements

Simplify complex queries with our enhanced window function support commonly used for financial and IoT based applications.


Machine Learning Functions

Perform real-time vector matching with the DOT_PRODUCT function for fast image or product matching in visual search-based apps.


Manageability and Resiliency

New fault tolerance and failover capabilities improve system availability while automating recovery operations in case of outages.

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