GV (formerly Google Ventures) launched in 2009, and is the venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc. GV has invested in more than 300 companies that push the edge of what’s possible. In the fields of life science, healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics, transportation, cyber security, and agriculture, GV's companies aim to improve lives and change industries.

GV's team of world-class engineers, designers, physicians, scientists, marketers, and investors work together to provide these startups exceptional support on the road to success. GV helps startups interface with Google, providing unique access to the world’s best technology and talent.

Glynn Capital

Glynn Capital is focused on investments in leading private and public technology growth companies. We seek to be long-term investors in a limited number of excellent companies with world-class management teams, sustainable business models, and long-term growth potential.

Accel Partners

Accel Partners has been committed to helping exceptional entrepreneurs build lasting, category-defining technology companies since 1983. Utilizing a focused, "prepared mind" approach to investing, we partner with businesses that show potential for significant long-term success in specific sectors. Emphasizing synergy in our portfolio enables us to offer the advantages of a cohesive, cooperative Accel community, including access to an extensive network of past and present entrepreneurs. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a lasting company. As trusted peer, partner and confidant, we encourage our entrepreneurs to decide what their unique business requires to succeed. We help realize your vision with personalized, thoughtful and expeditious support.

Caffeinated Capital

Caffeinated Capital is an early stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco, California. We partner with the worlds most ambitious entrepreneurs.

Data Collective

Data Collective invests in entrepreneurs building Big Data companies. Our strong network, operational experience and technical background delivers unique value to entrepreneurs. Just as the shifts from kilobits and kilobytes to megabits and megabytes in the 1980s and from there to gigabits and gigabytes in the 1990s created hundreds of billions of dollars of value, we believe another even larger scale disruption is underway and are poised to help our entrepreneurs take advantage of it.

First Round Capital

First Round Capital is a venture capital firm dedicated to helping talented entrepreneurs build remarkable companies. We are not afraid of investing in pre-revenue companies – and often provide a company's first outside capital. As former entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges of launching a new enterprise. We look to take an active role in most of the companies we invest in. We believe our insight and expertise are far more valuable than our capital – and we look for entrepreneurs who feel the same.

IA Ventures

IA Ventures invests in early-stage companies developing breakthrough tools and technologies for managing and extracting value from big data. Limited Partners are world-class firms in the data, trading and financial technology arenas. Areas of interest include predictive analytics, anomaly detection, database architecture, high-performance computing and machine learning.


In-Q-Tel is the not-for-profit, strategic investment firm that works to identify, adapt, and deliver innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Launched in 1999 as a private, independent organization, IQT’s mission is to identify and partner with companies developing cutting-edge technologies that serve the national security interests of the United States. Working from an evolving strategic blueprint defining the Intelligence Community’s critical technology needs, IQT engages with entrepreneurs, startups, researchers, and investors to deliver technologies that provide superior capabilities for the CIA and broader Intelligence Community. For more information, visit

Khosla Ventures

Khosla Ventures is venture capital firm run by people who listen to, analyze, and advise entrepreneurs. We manage a main fund that supports early- and late-stage investments and a seed fund for developing very early-stage experiments. We focus on next-generation energy projects, new materials, mobility, the Internet and silicon technology. Our firm was established in 2004 by Vinod Khosla, who helped turn a computer science project into Sun Microsystems, a multibillion-dollar phenomenon.


REV is a global venture capital partnership. We are backed by one of the world's largest content, technology and analytics companies, RELX Group.Our mission is to help build companies that can transform their markets through the application of data, technology and analytics. Since 2000 we have invested over $200m in Big Data, Digital Health, Internet and Enterprise Technology companies. We have been early investors in disruptive category leaders like Palantir, Healthline, Babbel and Netli.