Your favorite IDE for memSQL?

What your favorite IDE for memSQL? We are currently using DBeaver CE with mysql connection type.

Personally my preferences are:

  1. MemSQL Studio has a built-in SQL editor which has been extended to support autocomplete for most MemSQL features and objects
  2. The MemSQL client on the command line - not an IDE experience, however the convenience of it being easily available is nice

As for a full IDE experience, I have used DBeaver with their MySQL connection type and it seems to work fairly well. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Aqua Data Studio 20.5 (from IDERA/formerly aquafold) has a mysql connector which can be used for MemSQL. Their mariadb connector unfortunately does a version check and realizes its memsql and not mariadb as backend, and bails out. So we are hoping to get IDERA provide native support for memsql. ADS is fantastic at doing a lot of database level stuff (DDL-compare, Data-compare, modeling, writing low level javascripting to schedule workloads, and and also it can be run off UNIX… Single sign on (SSO) can be configured via jdbc URL hooks.