Where can I download the latest binaries (MemSQL, MemSQL Ops, Studio, etc.)?



Need to quickly find the latest versions of the MemSQL binaries?

Starting in MemSQL 6.7, a new set of platform tools are available via APT, YUM, or tarball packages for you to deploy and manage your cluster.

The latest version of MemSQL is now bundled up with a low-level management tool called memsqlctl in the memsql-server package.

Additional packages include memsql-studio for cluster monitoring and database debugging, memsql-toolbox for higher-level management and deployment, and memsql-client for client access your database.

The easiest way to install and deploy these packages is by retrieving them through YUM or APT repositories. See the installation instructions here for more details.

If you need the .rpm and .deb packages themselves, follow the offline install instructions here.

If you need tarball versions of these packages, follow the steps in the previous link to construct the tarball URLs instead of the .rpm or .deb URLs. This process will be simplified in an upcoming doc update.

See the MemSQL release notes, MemSQL Studio release notes, and MemSQL Toolbox release notes for a list of all supported versions and updates.

If you are managing your cluster with MemSQL Ops, you can find download information for the latest binaries for both the engine and Ops in our upgrade topic. Note: MemSQL Ops is deprecated. You are strongly encouraged to begin deploying and managing your cluster with the new tools described above.