What is the proper syntax to set non-numeric global variables?

I’d like to reset the autocommit on our MemSQL 7.1.4 cluster. What is the proper syntax for this?

SET CLUSTER autocommit = OFF;
SET CLUSTER autocommit = ‘OFF’;
SET CLUSTER autocommit = “OFF”;

autocommit isn’t a “sync variable” (https://docs.memsql.com/v7.1/reference/configuration-reference/engine-variables-overview/engine-variables-overview/). Its a normal session variable, so you have to set it manually on all aggregators via SET GLOBAL or via tools (or ops if your using it):

memsql-admin update-config --all  --set-global --key "autocommit" --value "off"

Also, keep in mind that because autocommit is a session variable any existing logged in connections won’t pick up the new value (only newly created connections). You would have to run a SET statement in each session to change the value in existing sessions (or kill them).