Unable to start the master node after updating the ssl_cert and ssl_key in memsql.cnf


I’m following the given memsql documentation https://docs.memsql.com/security/v6.7/ssl/ to enable ssl connection between my service and memsql node but whenever I update the master’s memsq.cnf file with ssl_cert and ssl_key parameters my master stops running.
The version for memsql-ops is 6.5.11
I’m updating the ssl_cert and ss_key with self signed certificate.

After updating the file memsql.cnf through memsql-update-config command or manually and then trying to restart the memsql-ops I’m getting error:
[root@memsql ~]#memsql-ops memsql-restart --all
Stopping cluster
Successfully stopped cluster
Starting cluster
MemSQL node 085839FF7CF908258AA0390AB0B0EDACAE1014BC is recovering its data
MemSQL node 716B27B5B4B80A1404A6913C543B21D75F0463AC is recovering its data
MemSQL node 8E0084C6CD9F38B843FABB8A6E8D2F2916252E16 is recovering its data
MemSQL node BAC1B2361ED04BE4E078D8C73CA4D60758851A43 is recovering its data
MemSQL node 5C7C8B49ADA8305FC69EC012C927A34DA89178FE is recovering its data
MemSQL node D01FB4FD73A9CB4AEA3AE5DEAD03F5FF5439A37F failed to start: Failed to start MemSQL
Failed to start MemSQL

[root@localhost ~]# memsql report
ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (111)

However, when my leaf nodes are offline and then I’m trying to update it gets updated and master is running fine after restart and able to login to memsql.

Does the feature supports updating the ssl-cert in cluster nodes of memsql , if yes then how to accomplish that or is it some version specific? What is the correct way to enable ssl in memsql for it listens only tls based connections?


That’s the correct command. Please check the logs for the node that failed to start (look in tracelogs/memsql.log) for the error message that indicates why it failed to start.