Unable to connect to cluster from MemSQL studio



Dear team, I have installed a free-licensed cluster on AWS (1 aggregator and 1 leaf).
The MemSQL studio is unable to connect to the cluster (formed using Cloud formation).

Using the ‘root’ user and the ‘password’, I am able to login to the cluster via a SQL workbench - but Studio is unable to.
I’ve attached the screenshot. Please help!



Can you please ensure that port 8080 is open in your AWS security group (inbound rules) for the IP address from where the connection to studio is made?

Ramesh Narayanan


Thank you so much Ramesh! It worked for me. I just overlooked 8080 my bad.
(22 and 3306 were open in the cloud formation default inbound rule).


Good to know it worked. Can you also verify if the default HTTP port (80) works as well? Because the CloudFormation Template actually sets up port 80.
So you should be able to just do http://ip of memsql machine