Tool recommendations for connecting to MemSQL


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Amir [12:26 PM]
Hi guys,
What is the best tool you recommend for connecting to MemSQL 6.0. I tried MySQL Workbench 8.0 and I receive a handshake error. MySQL Workbench 6.3 connects, however, I have some other incompatibility issues with it when working in Amazon workspace.

jack [12:33 PM]
@Amir mysql changed the default authentication protocol in MySQL 8, so to connect to memsql with the MySQL 8 connector you will need to set the client configuration default-auth=mysql_native_password in some fashion, or you can use any version older than 8.

The same issue exists using the MySQL 8 C connector and connecting to an older version of MySQL (see


John Toups [3:17 PM]
@Amir I use Querious (mac mysql client) and Navicat (is mac/win) with no issues, except that the table-sync tools don’t work. everything else is peachy.


After continuous problems with MySQL workbench, tools, etc. I decided to just use a good tool that just uses JDBC for connectivity. I tried a couple and ended up using DBeaver. Eclipse based and pretty stable.


What problems did you run in to with MySQL workbench?


it used to crash quite often on my mac. plus since it didnt use jdbc, i wasnt sure the behavior would be the same as sql executed in my code or scripts.


On Windows we are using Toad, on Mac we are using Sequel Pro.
And to test performance, we are using either the MemSQL Studio or the CLI.
Hope this helps