Time out for pipeline creation

We tried installing https://docs.memsql.com/v6.8/guides/deploy-memsql/self-managed/memsql-tools/single-host/docker/step-1/ and we have a kafka cluster running on host machine.
still while running create pipeline it shows the above error of “ERROR 1933 ER_EXTRACTOR_EXTRACTOR_GET_LATEST_OFFSETS: Cannot get source metadata”
though we can ping host ip inside docker.

Create pipeline command : CREATE PIPELINE quickstart_kafka AS LOAD DATA KAFKA ‘’ INTO TABLE messages;
where is host machine ip. docker engine version is 19.03.4.
Please help us with this.

hello i_will, thanks for using Kafka pipelines.

you should provide the port in the bootstrap string, e.g. ‘’ if kafka broker is expecting connections on port 9092. also keep in mind that the broker could be configured to listen on a number of ports, with different authentication and encryption options on each one.

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