Sync portion of larger MemSQL to smaller read only MemSQL instance

I would like to create a setup that involves a “main” database that contains the full set of data for my application.

I would like to be able to create read only replicas of portions of the data on “satellite” databases.

something like “select from insert into” - for the master to satellite transfer.

Has anyone done anything like this?


I’d suggest doing this with application software. A few approaches to consider are:

  1. do SELECT INTO OUTFILE from the “main” DB and load the results to the “satellite” DB
  2. have the app that creates the data insert/update the data in “main” and “satellite”
  3. in 7.0, use SELECT INTO KAFKA queue on “main” and use a pipeline to load the data to the “satellite”

Item 3 is not documented yet but will be within a few weeks.

Wow select into KAFKA sounds awesome.

Thanks for the advice.


is there any possibility of something like an “exporting” pipeline that will continuously stream data out via KAFKA?

We’re considering options for change data capture (CDC) out of MemSQL. This is an option we have thought of. No concrete plans or timelines yet.


thanks again!