Support for these 3rd Party software?


We want to use MemSQL with many 3rd Party software.

Does MemSQL Support for these Oracle 3rd Party software?
o Monitoring - MaxGauge
o DB Management - Orange
o Encryption - TDE, Vormetric
o Data Transformation - Data Genor, SQL Canvas
o Backup - Netbackup
o CDC - OGG, Shareplex
o DB Access Control - DB Safer
o DB Account Mangement - APPM for Password
o Cluster File system for Availability - Veritas
o DB Storage Replication

Or are there any other 3rd party software for the above purpose?


Hi Haj.

MemSQL generally supports any software that MySQL supports, although there may be some idiosyncrasies that may not be supported.

In terms of those specific software, I’ve never personally used them before so I can’t give you a great answer.