Stored Procedures


I am able to create stored procedure and also able to see the procedure with show create procedure command but not able to see in information_schema.routines tables.
any clue ?


A MemSQL employee would have to confirm, but I suspect that MemSQL includes the information_schema.ROUTINES view for compatibility with MySQL applications and does not actually use it. In other words, it includes the view so that MySQL applications don’t fail when they try to query it but does not populate it because MemSQL implements routines in a fundamentally different way such that doing so might cause unexpected behavior or failures. Likewise, MemSQL has the information_schema.TRIGGERS view, which I assume is unused because it does not currently support triggers. As you observed, you can use SHOW FUNCTIONS or SHOW PROCEDURES to list them. However, it would be nice to have a view to query to generate SQL or perform more complex analysis. I looked through the information_schema views and didn’t see any with that information.