Row value expressions


It appears to be the case that MemSQL doesn’t have support for row value expressions. Can you please confirm this? Is it maybe missing in the documentation page as this is supported by all MySQL versions?


select 1
from dual
where (1,2) = (1,2)


Yes, we don’t support the row constructor/value syntax. It is a feature request we are tracking internally. I’ve added your feedback to that feature request.

Also, we don’t exhaustively list all differences between MemSQL in MySQL on that doc page - only bigger features that more commonly come up. With some of the newer MySQL features we have diverged a fair bit (i.e., MemSQL added computed columns, JSON and window functions before MySQL did, so our syntax is different).


Hi Adam,

Yes, I am now discovering all these differences one by one, as I am in the process of adding MemSQL support to jOOQ (

While there are syntax differences here and there and some missing features, one of jOOQ’s key features is the ability to “emulate” such missing features, like row value expressions for example, using more basic constructs. This allows for easier migrations between RDBMS vendors.


Nice. jOOQ looks neat.