QUESTION:WARN: Failed to allocate 131072 bytes of memory from kernel. Error 12: Cannot allocate memory



Run memsql in the docker,memsql version6.5 docker version1.10.3 I have problem below:


Here’s some information on memory errors and how to deal with them. Not sure if it will help your specific situation. It sounds like the OS is truly out of memory, so you probably need to reduce memory use or increase memory size.


Many thanks for your replying. I use the community version,Can there be a specific explanation for the above error log?


It’s hard to produce a specific error message for this because it could happen for any kind of memory allocation, say for query execution memory, internal data structures, or new space for row store data. It’s important to not to run too close to the line. You may need a bigger system or need to reduce the size of your data.