Prometheus exporter for memsql?

We are heavy users of prometheus and am wondering if anyone has setup a prometheus exporter for memsql. It looks like the docs have some good starting points for what to monitor, but in my searching I couldn’t find a good prometheus exporter. I don’t mind writing one, but don’t want to duplicate work.

Hi Jeffrey.

Starting with 6.8.7, MemSQL server distribution provides a prometheus-compatible exporter. It is located under ${PATH_TO_MEMSQL}/memsql_exporter/. It is based on the standard prometheus golang libraries, and functions similarly to other exporters. By default it connects to the local memsql process, and listens on port 9104.

However, the metrics exposed are specific to the deployed MemSQL server, and could change between versions. It is recommended not to mix memsql server and memsql_exporter versions.

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