Please post a Linux VMware virtual machine image

MANY TIMES " Failed " , " Error ", CentOS 7,CentOS 8,RHEL7,Ubuntu…
Deploys Failed!
Please post a Linux VMware virtual machine image .
Only for a single test.
CentOS is better.


A VMware image is going to be quite large. How about a Vagrant recipe?

Could you Deploys a single demo with the online Guide ?
I try many many many times .(VMware virtual machine,DockerDesktop on Windows)
I can’t find the right way.

Check out this playlist: There’s examples of creating a cluster on Helios (free trial), an example of deploying on Kubernetes, an example of using Docker Compose, and coming soon, two videos on using Vagrant and bare Linux. From there, you can dig into MemSQL Studio, connecting your app, dashboard, and scaling up.

Also can you post the full error message you get and the commands you ran?