New release 6.8.10 throws a confusing error

Hi guys!

We have a 1 MA (16GB) + 1 CA (16GB) + 4 LN (32GB) cluster. We want to use the free tier license for this configuration, however during installation throws the following error:

Error 2359:
Leaf node could not be added because you are using the MemSQL free license which has a limit of 4 license units and after adding the node you would be using 6 license units.
To purchase more capacity, contact See for instructions on how to create a cluster with up to 4 license units.

I’m confused since this is supposed to be the standard configuration with 4LN and Aggregators are not considered as MemSQL Units, however this error says the opposite.

Does anybody knows the reasoning behind this or suggest any workaround?



Thanks for reporting this issue. The free tier license does have a limitation of 4 leaf nodes and 128 GB memory total in those 4 nodes and 8 vCPU cores per node. Is it possible that your leaf nodes have maybe more memory than 32 GB or more vCPUs?

Please let us know.



Thanks for your reply! Yes, they do have 36GB of RAM (physical) and 8 vCPUs. Which makes sense if MemSQL considers the total amount of physical memory :open_mouth: is that correct?

Considering MemSQL recommends to use between 80%-90% of physical memory, that means a customer will have to pay license for a portion of memory that is not effectively used within a MemSQL unit? :open_mouth:
Is it recommended to use 100% of physical RAM to solve this issue?

I’m just doing some tricky questions a customer usually does :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Hi Diego,

Unfortunately, at this point that is how our license calculation works. Please ensure that your nodes / machines have total physical memory of 32 GB or less each. A point to note is that we take only Leaf nodes for license calculation and do not consider the aggregator nodes.

The other option is to sign up for Enterprise Trial which does not have node limitations.

Hope this helps to answer questions from other customers.



Thanks for your reply!

Just a final question, what happens at the end of the trial? does the cluster stops working or something like that?


Hi Diego,

At the end of the enterprise trial, the cluster will start showing warning messages about the expiry but will still continue to work and function as normal.

Ramesh Narayanan

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