Missing "memsqlctl" (Renamed Thread)

memsql-deploy uninstall --all-versions


error running memsqlctl: error running command: "/usr/bin/sudo" "-S" "-k" "--" "/bin/sh" "-c" "'printf' '9741ed09-9b1b-4b3a-b250-6b49658438e6' && 'exec' 'memsqlctl' '--json' '--yes' 'list-nodes'": exit status 127
stderr: [sudo] password for user: /bin/sh: line 0: exec: memsqlctl: not found

So then I attempted to reinstall memsql-server and still cannot run ‘memsqlctl’

memsqlctl env
bash: memsqlctl: command not found...

Is there a particular path or config file I’d need to change somewhere? It appears I’m unable to fully uninstall memsql-server to then re-install.

I cannot even create a node since the file is missing:

memsql-admin create-node --host --password “” -P 3306
could not determine memsqlctl user: error running memsqlctl: failed to start command: "memsqlctl" "--json" "--yes" "env": exec: “memsqlctl”: executable file not found in $PATH


Hi ymonye,

Did you originally install memsql-server by running the memsql-deploy install command? If that command failed, can you provide the output? Based on the command outputs above it doesn’t look like memsql-server has been installed. If you did run that install command, if list installed packages for example: sudo apt list --installed can you confirm memsql-server shows up?

Hey Daryl,

I had a config where I’d ended up deleting a couple of config files (without backing them up). In the end, I’d ended up just re-installing CentOS on my machine, so please consider this resolved.