Migrate From MySql 8

Why When Migrare from MySql 8.0 i face a lot of error ,
I just take the dump file ( schema only ) and it gives me lot of errors ?

any advise?

What errors are you getting?

MemSQL’s compatibility with MySQL is through MySQL 5.5.58 but we haven’t closely tracked every change in MySQL since then and matched it. However, your issue might not be related to that.

Foriegn Key till now is the problem

Is there is any plan you will be releasing Foreign key feature ?

We don’t have a timetable for that. For now, we recommend people enforce foreign key constraints in the application code.

Does your app do anything tricky like DELETE CASCADE or is it just basic FK constraints? What’s the impact to you (e.g. how much work is it to change your app to remove the FKs)?

no my code deosn;t do cascade delete , just my current database full of foreign keys , so it will be hard work to get rid of it in migration ,
Beside we have a code generator tool that do some work according to foreign kets ( like get userAddresses that is generated from relation between user and address table)

Ok, thanks for letting us know.

If we gave you an option to specify foreign keys but not enforce them, would that be of any value to you? Why/why not?

It sounds like your code generator just wants to infer the join relationships, but doesn’t care so much about enforcement.

you are right, anyway i am following your instructions till i get my database migrated .

now i have the following error ( I have removed all my foreign keys)

Cannot declare primary key or unique key named: ‘PEIMARY’ when using an empty shard key

do you have any idea?

It Is Because Of such script

CREATE TABLE AspNetUserLogins (
LoginProvider varchar(450) NOT NULL,
ProviderKey varchar(450) NOT NULL,
ProviderDisplayName varchar(4000) DEFAULT NULL,
UserId varchar(450) NOT NULL,
/*!40101 SET character_set_client = @saved_cs_client */;